QuickLessons and BranchTrack partner to bring rapid scenario building to eLearning content development

QuickLessons the Collaborative Platform for creating engaging and effective online courses, and BranchTrack a new online tool for creating interactive simulations, announced a global alliance to better serve their customers.

Alfredo Leone, CEO of QuickLessons parent company Izzui said: “QuickLessons will offer BranchTrack simulations editor as part of our e-learning development platform. As a result, the BranchTrack branching scenarios builder will be available to QuickLessons customers in a hassle-free and seamlessly integrated manner. Building great, hands-on courses on sales skills, customer care, telemarketing and many other areas in QuickLessons will become much faster”

Sergey Snegirev, BranchTrack CEO said: “We will provide the technology, support and know-how as well as introduce QuickLessons to our existing customer base”.

“We felt that QuickLessons has great potential and wanted to get in on the ground floor. QuickLessons has an established presence in Brazil, so it is commercially justifiable for us. Also, its technology and the team behind it make our first integration easy to achieve. I was really excited to see how QuickLessons team were making rapid progress towards our integration”, continued the Latvia based CEO of BranchTrack.

“We expect to attract new customers and establish both companies as a top-of-mind joint solution in the markets served by both. BranchTrack helps e-learning developers save a lot of time while building great interactive simulations but it still relies on an authoring platform to deliver the traditional linear parts of a course. Our comprehensive online platform for eLearning content creation and management makes it easy to create a single, smooth workflow for both online content authoring and BranchTrack simulation development”, concluded the CEO of Izzui.

Both companies look to further leverage synergies between QuickLessons and BranchTrack with more product integration releases about to come.

Collectively, both companies aim to deliver solutions to turn subject matter experts into e-Learning designers, and experienced designers into learning engagement rockstars.

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